1. Once you open the box, remove your golfBOAR™ from the package insert. You may want to keep the box to store your golfBOAR™. If you decide not to keep the box, please recycle the golfBOAR™ box – it is made from renewable sources and fully recyclable!

2. Before you start, consider your environment and make sure you have enough room around you.

  • For the 8m golfBOAR™, you need at least an 8-metre radius in front of where you put the stake into the ground.
  • For the 15m golfBOAR™, you need at least a 15-metre radius in front of where you put the stake into the ground.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure there is enough room around you. Make sure, that nobody and nothing is within the radius of the rope before each shot – the ball travels faster than you or anyone else could duck!

3. Remove the metal stake (ground peg with swivel head) from the golfBOAR™ by pulling it from the sleeve on the side of the golfBOAR™ main body.

4. Push the plastic swivel head on the stake into the hole of the golfBOAR™ main body till you hear and feel a ‘click’ as the two parts engage. Check that the ground stake with the swivel head is firmly secured and that the main body turns and swivel freely around the stem.

NOTE: You may need to use some force to push the swivel head into the main body. It was designed like that so that it doesn’t come apart when you play. We recommend assembly under adult supervision to ensure the swivel head and main body is properly engaged.

5. Push the stake firmly into the ground by gripping the golfBOAR™ main body on both sides of the stem and pushing down. Leave a 1-2cm gap below the bottom frame of the main body and the ground to allow it to swivel.

NOTE: Make sure the golfBOAR™ is firmly in the ground before each hit. With multiple shots, the stake may become loose and need to be re-inserted into a fresh piece of dirt!

6. Unclip the ball and FULLY wind down the rope by pulling the ball away from the main body along the ground. The main body will swivel around the ground peg. If you lift the rope too high off the ground, it will catch on the ball clip.

NOTE: Some people find it easier to unclip the ball and wind the rope down before inserting the stake into the ground.

7. Once the rope is fully unwound, stand at least 2 metres back from where you secured the golfBOAR™ into the ground and set up for your shot!

8. Once you have taken the shot, pull back the ball with the string and set up for your next shot.

NOTE: If you have enough space around you, you could walk to your ball and simply hit it back in the opposite direction while being aware of what is around you (See number 2 in these instructions).

9. Once you finish playing, pull the stake and the main body out of the ground by gripping the bottom of the frame and pulling upwards. 

10. Wind the string around the main body and clip the ball back into the ball clip.

11. Holding onto the main frame, push firmly with your thumb on the top of the swivel head, whilst pulling down on the stem with your other hand.

WARNING: Pull the stem away from your body! It is sharp!

TOP TIP: You may need to push very firmly on the swivel head and pull hard on the ground stake to disengage it. Dust and dirt can make the rubber ring ‘sticky’ and difficult to disengage. A little silicone spray makes it easier.

Have fun & if you have any questions at all please connect with us here or email us at We'd love to hear from you!

At Golf BOAR™ we are sustainability focused & socially minded

This means we like to think creatively & consider how we can give people opportunities, improve wellness & care for our environment through every step of the Golf BOAR™ production journey.
Golf BOAR™ is designed & assembled in New Zealand.


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