1. Will my clubs get damaged when using the golfBOAR™?

No, we have found a clever way to connect the ball and string in a way that won’t damage or scratch your clubs.

2. What is the feel you get when hitting the golfBOAR™ with a golf club?

It is the same as hitting a regular golf ball. The light weight of the string causes low drag and the ball travels almost the same as if nothing was attached to it. It is quite impressive to see it fly!

3. Is it safe to use? Does the ball bounce back when you hit it?

Yes, we have thoroughly tested the golfBOAR™ to make it as safe as we can. The golfBOAR™ was designed to quickly and effectively dissipate the energy of the ball so it doesn’t sling shot back to you. We recommend that you stand at least 5 metres away from where you pushed the stake into the ground to add an extra margin of safety.

4. Can I leave the golfBOAR™ outside?

Yes, it is made from a special type of string that is very strong and doesn’t degrade with sunlight or moisture and the high tensile stake is rust resistant.

5. Does the ball degrade over time and with use?

Like any other golf ball, the golfBOAR™ ball will also degrade over time and with high use. There is no specific lifespan for a golf ball, but we recommend that the ball get changed when there is physical damage visible (excluding minor scuffs and scratches). When it is time for your ball to be replaced, simply send it back to us and we will service your golfBOAR™ and send it straight back to you or you can purchase a new string-ball unit from us and attach it yourself.

6. How much does it cost to service the golfBOAR™ or to replace parts if anything breaks?

We charge a $20 flat fee for a service. Simply purchase a golfBOAR™ service in our shop section, send us your golfBOAR™ and we will return it to you looking as good as new. 

If you have any other questions at all please connect with us here or email us at We'd love to hear from you.

At Golf BOAR™ we are sustainability focused & socially minded

This means we like to think creatively & consider how we can give people opportunities, improve wellness & care for our environment through every step of the Golf BOAR™ production journey.
Golf BOAR™ is designed & assembled in New Zealand.


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