5 Tips For Golf Beginners

Being a beginner with anything is always tough. But with enough practice and the right guidance, you can become a master! Here are 5 tips for beginners to improve their golf game fast.

1. Stop The Slice!

Most of the time, ball ‘slices’ are caused when the club face isn’t ‘closed’ upon impact with the ball. This can usually be fixed by making tweaks to your hand positions on the club.

Simply hold the club in its regular position with your gloved hand, and then move your other hand down to where the grip meets the shaft. This will give you a better chance at hitting the ball squarer and avoiding slicing. It can also be helpful to ensure the handle of the club is pointed towards your belly button.

Give this a few practice runs on the grass. Or give the Golf Boar device a few practice whacks!

2. Keep Your Head Still

You might have heard this a thousand times. But so many amateur and pro golfers get this wrong at times.

The key to better accuracy and power is to keep your head as still as possible when striking the ball. The level of your eye line shouldn’t change a bit throughout the strike.

Keep your eye line level, and you’ll be playing winning strokes in no time.

3. Give This A Hunch

How you posture yourself while setting up and striking the ball is incredibly vital to accurately strike the ball. Follow these steps to get in the best position to hit the ball.

1. Stand up straight with the club going into your thighs

2. From your hips, bend forward without arching your back

3. Have your arms hang straight down (this will come naturally if you’re not hunching over)

4. Grip the handle of your club with your gloved hand (your club should be more or less 45 degrees to your forearm)

5. Now simply bring your other hand into the mix so you’re holding the club with both hands

And vouloir. You’re all set to strike the golf ball like an absolute pro! It may feel a little strange at first. But once you settle into it, your golf scores will thank you later.

4. Boost Your Accuracy & Distance With This Drill

This drill will require 2 tees (or 1 tee and 1 Golf Boar device).

Here is how to set it up

  1. Set up a tee with a ball (or Golf Boar device) as you normally would.
  2. About 15 centimeters on a 45 degree angle away from the first tee, set up your second tee (no golf ball on the second tee)
  3. Now get in position to hit the ball from the first tee
  4. Your goal here is to strike the ball while brushing over the second tee 15cm away with your follow through

Give this a go. And with enough practice with this drill, you’ll be hitting the ball further and more accurately in no time.

5. Invest In The Right Training Aids

Oftentimes, amateur golfers will pour a bunch of money and hours into spending time at the driving range or investing in a coach.

Or perhaps someone will practice all their strokes on the grass. Which will negatively affect their golf game once they do get back to the golf course or driving range because they’re not used to the feel of a real golf ball.

None of these things are bad per se.

There is a time and a place for all of these. But here at Golf Boar, we believe there has to be a better way!

Which is why we created the Golf Boar device. Our device allows golf players of all skill levels to practice their golf skills anywhere they’d like - all while hitting a real golf ball.

Whether it's in their backyard, at the park, or on holiday. Golf Boar (ball on a string) makes solid golf practice both safe and accessible practically anywhere.

Find out more at www.golfboar.com/buy-now


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