Top 11 Common Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Whether you're hitting the greens in Wellington or practicing your swing up in Northland, golf remains a captivating sport for many Kiwis. But like any sport, we often find ourselves grappling with rookie mistakes. Here's a look at ten common slip-ups amateur golfers make and some tips on how to dodge them.


The Mistake: Trying to smash the ball with all your might.
The Fix: Focus on technique rather than power. A smooth, controlled swing often results in a better shot than an aggressive whack.

Neglecting the Short Game

The Mistake: Spending all your time on the driving range and neglecting putts and chips.
The Fix: Dedicate time to practice putting and chipping. Often, games are won or lost on the green.

Using the Wrong Clubs

The Mistake: Always reaching for the driver on every tee or not understanding the purpose of each club.
The Fix: Learn the specific use of each club and practice with each to understand their impact.

Poor Grip

The Mistake: Holding the club too tightly or incorrectly.
The Fix: Learn the basic grips - the interlock, overlap, and baseball. A relaxed but firm grip can vastly improve your swing.

Not Warming Up

The Mistake: Heading straight to the first tee without any warm-up.
The Fix: Spend a good 15-20 minutes stretching, doing some light exercises, and taking practice swings.

Not Playing the Wind

The Mistake: Ignoring the wind direction and strength.
The Fix: Pay attention to the trees, flags, and even the feel of the wind on your face. Adjust your game strategy based on wind conditions.

Inconsistent Stance

The Mistake: Changing your stance frequently or having a misaligned posture.
The Fix: Work on establishing a consistent, comfortable stance. This provides a solid base for your swing.

Avoiding Lessons

The Mistake: Thinking you don’t need professional advice.
The Fix: Even pros take lessons. Consider investing in a few lessons to fine-tune your technique.


The Mistake: Getting bogged down with too many technical thoughts during the game.
The Fix: While technique is important, sometimes it's best to trust your instincts and enjoy the game.

Not Practicing at Home!

The Mistake: Neglecting precious practice time while you're at home
The Fix: Use Golf Boar!

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